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Rena Annousi


Born in Athens. She studied Printmaking at the Athens School of Fine Arts under state scholarship and with Yannis Kefallinos as her teacher (1952-57). She received a distinction for her dissertation on colour woodcut and also a diploma on Art Theory. She has been working as an art teacher in Secondary Education since 1966. She has also taught 'Art Didactics for special needs' to professionals, in East Attica and in Athens. She does graphic design for books and other printed material and she illustrates children's books. Her paintings and prints have been presented in 28 one-woman shows and in 100 group exhibitions in Greece, Cyprus, Spain, Iraq, Russia, Czech Republic, Japan and Slovenia. She has received distinctions from the Municipality of Nea Smyrni (1973), the Society for Culture, Arts and Letters (1979-81&1983), the Association for the Intellectual Development of Greek Women (1981) and from the Ministries of Culture and Education. She is a member of the Greek Chamber of Fine Arts, participating also in its Jury and in its Board, as the Secretary General. She is also a member of the Art Teachers' Association and of the Greek Engravers Association. Many important art critics and literary authors have commented on her work, which she has presented in a series of art books and portfolios. Her artworks can be found in the Greek Ministry of Culture, the Cultural Centre and the Gallery of the Municipality of Athens, the Cretan Academy, the Oenousses Museum, the Municipality of Leukada and the Delphi Museum, as well as in many private collections in Greece and abroad.

11 Mitropoleos sq. 105 56 Athens - tel. +30 210 3229803, 210 3226620, mob. +30 697 8674792