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Helen Economidou

Biographical Note

She was born in Chalkida. 1961-1965: she studied Prinmaking and the Art Books in the Athens School of Fine Arts and graduated with two distinctions, one in colour and one in black-white woodgraving. She has taught Art in the Doxiadis Arts School with A. Tassos technology of materials and advertisement design in the Centre of Technological Applications (1965-1970). She had been President of the Greek Printmakers Association for many years and her efficiency was significant. She has been involved with the publishing of the newspaper " ta nea" and of the magazine "Tachydromos" (1964-1969). She is also engaged in creating handmade jewelry. She received the 2nd Printmaking Award in the 1st Panhellenic Exhibition (1961) and the 1st in the 2nd (1962). She was awarded the silver medal in a group exhibition in Tampa, Florida, USA (1972). She was honoured with the state award Fontane Di Roma, in Rome (1988).