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Manolis Emmanuelides


Bom in Constantinople, in 1924. He attended the Faculty of Philosophy at the University of Athens and the Athens School of Fine Arts in the National Technical University, where he studied under professor Yannis Kefallinos. He received his degree on Engraving and a degree on Historical Studies. He has held twelve solo exhibitions in Athens, Thessaloniki and Karystos. Since 1958 he has participated in all the Panhellenic Exhibitions held at Zappeion. He has taken part in the international art exhibitions held at Bayreuth, Sidney, Sao Paolo and Barcelona. He has also illustrated books by Nicos Kazantzakis, Spyros Melas, Eleni Papadaki, Themos Potamianos and others. He has been a member of the Athens College teaching staff until 1988. 40 P. Tsaldari str. 16232 Byronas, Athens - tel +30 210 7667111