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Aria Komianou

Biographical Note

Born in Athens, Greece in 1938. Graduated with a degree on Printmaking from the Athens School of Fine Arts - with honours in Woodcut, Lithograph, and Etching. She has also a diploma on Theory and History of Art, as well as on Art Books and Typografhy from the above-mentioned School of Fine Arts. Until now, she has exhibited her work in twenty (20) personal exhibitions, two of which took place in Germany. Since 1962 she has participated in numerous group exhibitions in Greece and in many international exhibitions abroad. She has repeatedly received prizes and distinctions for presenting her work in international events. Her work is included in private collections, galleries and museums in Greece, as well as in museums in several other countries. She is also a member of the Greek Chamber of Fine Arts of the Athens School of Fine Arts Graduates' Association, founding member of the Greek Printmakers Association, member of the Greek Women Artists' Association and of the Kiwa - Kyoto group, Japan.