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Mary Schina

Biographical Note

Was born in Serres, Greece. She has studied Printmaking in the Athens School of Fine Arts (1966-1973), in Εcole Nationale Superieure des Beaux Arts, Paris (1976-1981), in New York University, N.Y (1996-1997). She has participated in international seminars in Norway, Paris, Lebanon, and Chicago. Today is Lector in the Printmaking Dept. of the Athens School of Fine Arts.

Mary Schina has presented her work in 20 solo exhibitions in Greece, Cyprus, India, Germany, France and New York, and has participated in 50 group exhibitions in Greece, Cyprus, Germany, France, Austria, Luxembourg, Spain, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Bulgaria Lebanon, Egypt, Russia and Japan. In 2003, in “4th Kyoto International Woodprint Exhibition” in Japan, M.S. was awarded with the “Dr. Iwasaki Woodcut Prize” In 2004, “International Print Triennial Society in Krakow” invited to place, gratis, a collection of her prints in the“IconData-WorldPrints 2005” internet website. .M.Schina’s works in collections: Cabinet des Estampes, National Library, Paris. International Graphic Art Society, New York. Museum of Graphic Arts Cairo, Egypt. Gallerie d' Art Contemporain, Chamalieres France. Ministry of Civilization, Athens, Greece. Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Art Thessaloniki, Greece. Alpha Bank Collection Athens, Greece. Vorres Museum Athens, Greece. Municipal Gallery Athens, Greece. E. Averof Gallery Metsovo, Greece. Moschandreou Gallery Messolongi, Greece. K. Karamanlis Foundation Athens, Greece. Ionian Center for Scientific and Cultural Studies Athens, Greece. Macedonian Art Society Collection “Techni” Thessaloniki, Greece. Private collections: Germany, France, England, India, Japan, USA, Cyprus and Greece.