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Magda Vamvatira


She was born in Volos in 1946 and grew up in Larissa. She studied Political Science at the Panteios School for Political Science, and then Law at the University of Athens. From 1970 to 1981, she worked in the private sector. In 1987, she continued her studies in the three departments of the Athens School of Fine Arts and took the following three separate degrees: 1987-1992 Painting, under Panagiotis Tetsis; 1992-1997 Engraving, under Thanasis Exarhopoulos and Yannis Papadakis; 1998-2003 Sculpture, under Theodores Papagiannis. She also attended workshops on Mosaic, Portable Icons and Stage Design. Since 1993, she has participated in many group exhibitions in Greece and especially abroad, where her prints are well known (participation in 80 exhibitions in 22 countries). Also, she has presented her work in 4 solo exhibitions of paintings and prints.

24 Tοusa Botsari sir. Koukaki, P.O. Box 19211 - 11710 Athens - tel. + 30 210 9244402