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Spyros Vassileiou

Biographical Note

1902 Born in Galaxidi, where his parents had come from. He completes his schooling there.

1920-27 School of Fine Arts, Athens. Nikolaos Lytras' Workshop.

1926 Exhibition of the four artists' works. Municipal Theatre of Athens. First public appearance of the artist. More than 120 exhibitions since then.

1927 Exhibition of the four artists' works in Thessaloniki.

1929 First individual exhibition, Stratigopoulos Gallery, Athens

First set design for "Korakistika" by Neroulos at the Royal theatre. More than 150 set designs.

Educational trips to Europe, encounter with Netherlands painting.

1930 Benakis' award from the Athens' Academy for his study of the frescoes of St Dionysios.

1934 19th Venice Biennale.

1937 "Techni" Group, Thessaloniki.

Frescoes in the Church of St. Dionysios Areopagitis, the patron Saint of Athens.

1940-46 Wood-cuts of national themes, accompanying texts in cooperation with Angelos Sikelianos and other men of letters.

Contributions to "Neoellinika Grammata".

1950 Participation in the "Stathmi" group.

1951 Set design for "Abraham's Sacrifice", at Rotonda, Thessaloniki, directed by L. Politis.

1953 Individual exhibition - temperas and aquarellas at the Gallery of the newspaper " Vima".

1956 First personal exhibition in Thessaloniki, Valayianni School.

1957 "The Old Gramophone and other stories", individual exhibition, "Zygos".

1958 He represents Greece at the Guggenheim competition; receives award for his work "Lights and Shadows". May, Individual 1960,1966 Exhibition, "Techni", Thessaloniki.

1973, ’77, ’80 Individual Exhibition, "Cochlias" Gallery, Thessaloniki.

1975 Large retrospective exhibition, National Gallery in Athens.

1982 "Four Score Years", honorary event and exhibition, National Gallery in Athens.

1985 March, He died at home, at 5 Webster St., Athens.