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1821: The presence of the Faith in Greek Revolution's painting

Theodore Vryzakis
The oath in Lavra Monastery
Dionysios Tsokos
The oath of the members of the Friendly Fellowship
Vinc. Katzler
Alexander Ypsilantis raises the flag of Independence

L. Lipparini
Paleon Patron Germanos raises the flag of Independence in Kalavryta
P. von Hess
The liberation of Tripolitsa
Popular lithography
The torture of the Patriarch Gregorius E’, the hiding of his corps and his appearance

Theodore Vryzakis
The sortie from Mesolongion
E. de Lunsac
The sortie from Mesolongion
Spyros Vassileiou
The death of Karaiskakis

Nikolaos Gyzis
The triumph of Religion
Theodore Vryzakis
The camp of Karaiskakis
Liparrini Ludovico
The oath of Lord Byron