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Department of Electronic Technology and Internet
1, Iasiou street
11521 - Athens, Greece

The Department maintains the sites:

• The official website of the Church of Greece www.ecclesia.gr.

• The site of bacground information and discussion www.discussion.gr.

• The official site of the Archdiocese of Athens (save the pages of the Youth Center) www.archdiocese.gr.

• The sites of the Web Cultural Center www.artopos.gr www.cultura.gr www.myriobiblos.gr www.eikastikon.gr www.musicale.gr www.europeanspirit.gr www.aula.gr

The Dept develops cultural projects, too:

Multimedia productions, documentary and educational films, seminars, events, round table discussions, exhibitions, conferences, training groups, etc.

artopos.gr cultura.gr myriobiblos.gr musicale.gr europeanspirit.gr aula.gr discussion.gr ecclesia.gr